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Symposia with Federal Agencies and Scientific Organizations

Federal Focus Symposia Generally

One of the major contributions of Federal Focus to the science policy arena involves the hosting of various symposia with federal agencies and other scientific organization on a variety of topics. Such activities are in keeping with the mission of Federal Focus, which was initially formed for the purpose of providing nonpartisan research and analysis broad policy and technical issues associated with operations of the Executive Branch of the federal government.

In furtherance of these purposes, the foundation from time to time sponsors and conducts seminars, symposia, fora, and conferences, and publishes reports and analyses, on issues such as:

  • Budget and Deficit Reduction
  • Economic and Trade Policy
  • Presidential Powers
  • Privatization and Deregulation
  • Paperwork Requirements
  • Personnel Policies and Pay
  • Procurement of Materials and Services
  • Executive Branch Organization
  • Federalism and "Unfunded Mandates"
  • Regulatory Planning and Review
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Health Care Reform
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental Risk Assessment

The foundation disseminates its reports, findings, and views to the general public, legislative and executive government officials, and the media in the Washington, D.C. area, nationally, and internationally, through various publications and the Internet, in some cases.

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