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From: YtNdfMZEzBt
Affiliation: JbtUrQAaOkClcM
Date: October 04, 2012
Time: 08:48 PM


Matt: In some ways that's an issue with the program ceotimtmes, which may see the session proposals of larger institutions as more exciting than those of smaller places. A possible solution could be providing more meeting time for sections (such as the College University or Manuscript Section) to provide for meetings of smaller groups within that section such as self-identified smaller repositories to gather and share ideas. Actually, your point illustrates what I'm saying in way. Since there are so many different kinds of repositories and different kinds of interests within the profession now, I think it's very challenging for everyone to feel like the content of the annual meeting sessions appeals to them. I've heard from all kinds of archivists that there's little in the program that they find valuable. And yet the program committee tries valiantly to make sure there's some content for everybody. So instead of trying to build that content into the official program, why not build more time into the schedule for groups with similar interests and get together and share their own content? If there were an option for smaller repositories like yours to have their own listserv and other ways of sharing information, would you use it? Those are the kinds of ideas I'm thinking of when I talk about placing more emphasis on the sections/RT, which could include having smaller subgroups within some of the larger ones. How would that work for you?

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