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From: DLJQaKafYhvK
Affiliation: yhYoTjuOXMrXOjMe
Date: March 29, 2012
Time: 01:11 AM


No wormhole from the utufre: it's an iPad2.We have the mail thing pretty much sorted, but many simple things which normal users presumably do often, such as filing correspondence, deleting unwanted stuff, efficiently editing text, turning more than one page at a time and much more why the dickens is there no starter's guide? I now know how to turn it on and off, as distinct from putting it to sleep and waking it up thanks to Google and a non-Apple laptop.What amazes me is that Apple do not steer new users through the early phase. Does Apple really expect that my wife will memorise 700+ pages of info from two downloaded texts placed in the library by the shop staff before she uses their product? I was hoping to find something about 20 pages long that she can print out and refer to.Today's assignment: Finding a way to turn off predictive text.

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