Risk Assessment Principles and Questions Roundtable

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Risk Assesment Principles and Questions

From: mhTCncJIhAezJgSOkZ
Affiliation: fcdPwrvoVDGPRvMvB
Email: coach.rogers@hotmail.com
Date: June 01, 2013
Time: 12:23 PM


I am turning 50 and find I am too old to get deigsn jobs and have to work freelance. I live in Vancouver where it is very competitive, and you have to be a genius or have rewards or be young and cool to get hired by agencies. There is a huge age bias to get hired for jobs, so I have given up.There are few art director and manager jobs but at this age it's more realistic to get hired as account manager.Aside from having to be a PHP and coding guru, I find there is less deigsn work out there and more and more work for back end coders. Alot of deigsn work offered is for students, interns and really really low wages. What with odesk and elance, and competing with a global workforce that doesn't mind being paid under 5 dollars an hour, I find there is little hope for this career. I will be retiring soon! Sooner than I thought, but for what they are paying deigsners out here and the fact that it's so hard to get hired, I work on my own, but find that is a constant hustle for work. I can make just as much money being hired as an admin assistant. Graphic deigsn, wish I never went into it and got a real career, however it put food on my table for over 20 years.

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