Risk Assessment Principles and Questions Roundtable

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Risk Assesment Principles and Questions

From: IatqiicHdsRUYWmlctb
Affiliation: QfUufxexzNvrgGcmJEa
Email: idehsazan@sipiem.com
Date: November 03, 2012
Time: 02:56 PM


I'm behind Google on this one. I faunnmedtally dislike this corporate-big-brother mentality for deciding what is worthy of the App store, not to mention the long delays that approach introduces to the App release process. The emphasis should be on providing us users with the information we need to know that apps are safe, but not on controlling this. Peer review is the best defense. Certification labels are one element of that. It is fine if Google decides to offer a Certification program, but they don't have to be the, or the only, certification body there is room here for other organizations to provide those services also. Google might consider a mechanism to support certification bodies and their rankings in their Gallery.Although I faunnmedtally disagree with the articles main premise that we need these corporations to decide what is best for us, exposing such rogue apps as Awesome Screenshots is a great service. Thank you for that. As we can see from Sid and Joel's responses, the public exposure led to the resolution of that particular problem. This is a good illustration of the effectiveness of peer review for this problem.

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