Risk Assessment Principles and Questions Roundtable

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Risk Assesment Principles and Questions

From: ezxbXhhEBLiiSvRVw
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Date: October 05, 2012
Time: 03:41 PM


foxlemkeThanks, you are right. “To be called” sooneme is “to be” that sooneme.Thus Jesus interchanges “you will be called sons of God” and “you will be sons of God.” There is no difference. Matt. 5:9 and Luke 6:35.Raymond Brown makes this point in his Birth Narratives.Jesus is indeed “God with us.” That is what he is, “God with us.” The presence of God with us.Unless however you understand that “beget” means coming into existence, there will be no progress!The Son is begotten in time and the Trinity fails on this plain evidence. It is not fair to assign new meanings for easy words like “beget.” Anthony.

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