Risk Assessment Principles and Questions Roundtable

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Risk Assesment Principles and Questions

From: YVMUjpUG
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Email: dan@danpowers.com
Date: October 05, 2012
Time: 04:48 AM


Anonymous: Could you point me to where Brown either aeegrs or states that ‘Jesus is YHWH’?I'm not going to go quote hunting through the books of his I have, if that's what you're asking for, but here's this.As you know, every time Dr. Brown speaks of Genesis 18 he makes it explicitly clear his view (and mine) that the text is unambiguous: YHWH appeared to Abraham, spoke with him, ate with him, etc. personally. Dr. Brown further holds (as do I) that it was the Pre-incarnate Son who dialogued with Abraham by the Oaks of Mamre. Thus, Dr. Brown holds that Jesus is YHWH .Whose Chuck?Chuck? Well, Chuck is probably the only person who would have picked up on the fact that there was more to my usage of that name than me simply trying to make up a cute rhyme. That is, Chuck is probably the only person who would have latched onto my dropping the name as referring to someone in particular and not simply passed over it as silliness.In other words: I can't prove it, but unless I miss my guess, you are Chuck.

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