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Meta-Analysis Principles

From: LJXxagpXZfu
Affiliation: gFjHbPCElrhMKX
Date: October 05, 2012
Time: 07:08 AM


it so now that I made an assertion wiotuht backing it up, I win right?Of course not, and Loofs is a bit confused in his analysis. I'll just give one point of rebuttal for time's sake, and that is pertaining to Loof's statement that They tied Christology to cosmology and could not tie it to soteriology. Actually, very wrong. Read Athanasius' writings, particularly his On the Incarnation where the issue of Christology/Incarnation is over and over again cast explicitly in the light of soteriology indeed, defending the Biblical soteriology was Athanasius' entire reason for writing this.And if we are quoting scholars, I can find many, many that stand with me against Loofs on this issue, so what does that prove?Again, these are the direct descendants (didactically speaking) of the Apostles themselves, and to charge them with immediately steering the Christian Church into paganism once the helm was in their hands is a most serious matter.

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