Meta-Analysis Principles Roundtable

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Meta-Analysis Principles

Affiliation: MarhTlETUtwHV
Date: October 05, 2012
Time: 02:11 AM


I'm not sure that the cynical haenevs and the inclusive biggers have to be at odds. You're analysis is reasonable, Kate. I especially like the discussion of the need to identify roles and understand that it's necessary for archival organizations to work together (in new ways maybe?) to best serve their respective memberships. While I agree that economics are driving and focusing this conversation, the frame can just as easily be making things better (whatever that might mean) as need to sacrifice . We should all look at what archivists (under a really big tent) need/want and then figure out ways to make the varied levels of organizational and personal networks meet those desires. That might result in a bigger professional network but with more specific and less redundant roles and more complex interactions. hahaha. More rambling for you, my friend!

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