Meta-Analysis Principles Roundtable

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Meta-Analysis Principles

From: iiImFPaLrRxf
Affiliation: oGyQMlJPFeaqkh
Date: May 16, 2012
Time: 01:41 PM


He really is a huge dintepoinampst, isn’t he? (Not necessarily unexpected, but still…) No I don't think so. Given the dire circumstances he inherited it's to be expected that he would be cautious, equivocal and reasonably credible. The US population in general don't won't to be involved but now they are there they want an exit strategy. Given that you haven't given us any insight into how you think that strategy may play out I think it's a bit rich to now start blaming Obama. This has nothing to do with US imperialism and everything to do with trying to do the right thing when there are some very powerful reasons not to. You need to cut people some slack.

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