Meta-Analysis Principles Roundtable

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Meta-Analysis Principles

From: suyaggSd
Affiliation: iiWtPfBksrtB
Date: May 16, 2012
Time: 10:16 AM


sg @20.Either you haven't understood its iolnicatimps, or you are happy to have your human rights subject to Sharia law. It is the reason why OIC block countries on the United Nations can jail women for having extra marital sex, or chop of the hands of thieves and still feel they are upholding Human rights.I'm not saying Sharia law is blanket bad. In fact, there are many progressive and positive aspects which arguably could make our western communities much richer than the hollow individualistic positions we've adopted. However, the nasty bits are without question a backward step and incompatible with modern western human rights.

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